• nblake-photo
    Blake, NancyProfessorComparative Lit 3072 Flb 707 S Mathews M/C 160 Urbana, IL 61801(217)

    19th- and 20th-Century European and American literature, painting and film; Modernism and Post-Modernism, Interdisciplinary research, Psychoanalytic theory, Women's studies, Translation.

  • derhemi-photo
    Derhemi, EdaLecturerSpan Ital & Port 4080 Flb 707 S Mathews M/C 176 Urbana, IL 61801(217)

  • zsfagyal-photo
    Fagyal, ZsuzsannaGraduate Advisor for French Linguistics Associate ProfessorFrench and Italian 2130 Foreign Lang Bldg 707 S Mathews M/C 158 Urbana, IL 61801(217)

    Phonetics, Phonology, and Sociolinguistics of French, Language and Minorities in Europe. Varieties of French, language variation and change in Parisian French, social networks, lexical innovations, and computational modeling of the spread of innovations.

  • Fresco, AlainDirector of Undergraduate Studies, French Assistant ProfessorFrench 2090k 707 S Mathews M/C 158 Urbana, IL 61801(217)

    The Négritude poets, literature from French West Africa: representation of tradition and modernity in the novels from 1950 to the present; gender roles - interested in the various theories of racism in nineteenth-, twentieth-century colonial and postcolonial discourse. Director of Undergraduate Studies and Undergraduate Student Advisor.

  • kfresco-photo
    Fresco, KarenAssociate ProfessorFrench 2148 Flb 707 S Mathews M/C 158 Urbana, IL 61801(217)

    Medieval French literature with special interest in romance and lyric; codicology, the design of manuscript anthologies; feminist theory.

  • lchill1-photo
    Hill, LauraDirector of Basic Language, Italian LecturerSpanish, Italian And 4080 Foreign Languag 707 S Mathews M/C 176 Urbana, IL 61801(217)

  • mkeller-photo
    Keller, MarcusDepartment Head Associate Professor2090H FLB (Head's Office); 2120 FLB (217)

    Early modern French literature and culture (16th and 17th century); Rabelais, Pléiade, Montaigne, d'Aubigné, and Corneille; aesthetics and politics; early modern orientalism; the nation in literary and theoretical discourse; French and European theater.

  • Mall, LaurenceGraduate Advisor for French Studies Associate Professor2154

    Eighteenth-century French literature and philosophy –emphasis on the philosophes, on the novel, and on history of ideas. Literature and the French Revolution. Theories of everyday life. Ethics and literature. Gender issues. Autobiography. Rousseau, Diderot, Prévost, Marivaux, Mercier, Rétif.

  • jmathy-photo
    Mathy, Jean-PhilippeProfessorFrench 2090 Flb 707 S Mathews M/C 158 Urbana, IL 61801(217)

    Late modern and contemporary French literature and culture, intellectual history (19th-20th c.), comparative cultural criticism (France-U.S.), French-American intellectual relations, sociology of culture and literature, contemporary social and critical theory, literature and nationalism, computer imaging/computer-assisted teaching (culture and civilization).

  • fproulx-photo
    Proulx, FrançoisAssistant Professor2103

    Nineteenth- and twentieth-century French literature; gender and sexuality studies; Québec and francophone literatures; literary theory, translation studies; Marcel Proust.

  • felisavr-photo
    Reynolds, FelisaAssistant Professor2170 FLB

  • rota-photo
    Rota, EmanuelDirector of Graduate Studies, Graduate Advisor for Italian Studies Associate Professor4080 FLB M/C 176 Urbana, IL

  • rrushing-photo
    Rushing, RobertAssociate Professor2090 Foreign Languages Building, 707 S. Mathews Ave, Urbana, IL

  • stoppino-photo
    Stoppino, EleonoraUndergraduate Advisor, Italian Associate ProfessorDepartment of French and Italian 2090 FLB M/C 158 Urbana, IL

  • Toharia Zapata, CristinaDirector of Basic Language, French Visiting Lecturer2090M

Affiliated Faculty

  • benmamou-photo
    Benmamoun, Abbas Professor Swanlund Administration Building, MC-304 University of Illinois 601 E. John Street Champaign, IL 61820

    Syntax, Morphology, Arabic, Semitic, Arabic as a Heritage Language, Acquisition of Arabic as First and second Language.

  • bokamba-photo
    Bokamba, EyambaProfessorLinguistics 3154 Flb 707 S Mathews M/C 168 Urbana, IL 61801(217)

    Sub-Saharan African languages, sociolinguistics, language policy

  • tchaplin-photo
    Chaplin, TamaraAssociate ProfessorDepartment of History 309 Gregory Hall 419B 810 S Wright M/C 466 Urbana, IL 61801(217)

    Contemporary France; Modern European cultural and intellectual history; the histories of gender and sexuality; feminist and critical theory; queer studies; human rights, popular culture and the media.

  • crowston-photo
    Crowston, ClareProfessorHistory 309 Gregory Hall 810 S Wright M/C 466 Urbana, IL 61801(217)

    The history of women and gender in Old Régime France; women’s work, material culture, and consumption.

  • aescobar-photo
    Escobar, Anna MaríaAssociate ProfessorSpanish Il & Port 4080 Flb 707 S Mathews M/C 176 Urbana, IL 61801(217)

    Language variation and change, contact Linguistics and bilingualism, morphology, grammaticalization and semantic change

  • whassan-photo
    Hassan , WaïlProfessorComparative & World Literature 3080 FLB 707 S Mathews M/C 160 Urbana, IL

  • hilger-photo
    Hilger, StephanieAssociate ProfessorGerman 2090 FLB 707 S Mathews M/C 178 Urbana, IL 61801(217)

    Eighteenth-century studies, feminist studies, literary theory

  • jihualde-photo
    Hualde, JoséProfessorSpanish Ital And Por 4080 Foreign Lang 707 S Mathews M/C 176 Urbana, IL 61801(217)

    Synchronic and diachronic phonology, minority language

  • mkoven-photo
    Koven, MicheleAssociate ProfessorCommunication 244 Lincoln Hall 702 S Wright M/C 456 Urbana, IL 61801(217)

    Discourses of identity in bilingual French-Portuguese communities in France and in Portugal.

  • nppm-photo
    Markee, NumaAdvisor for Language Learning and SLATE Associate ProfessorDepartment of Linguistics University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 4080 Foreign Languages Building 707 S Mathews MC 168 Urbana, IL 61801(217)

    Conversation analysis; the diffusion and management of curricular innovations; conversation analysis applied to second language acquisition, and classroom research.

  • niekerk-photo
    Niekerk, CarlProfessorGermanic Languages 2090 For Lang Bldg 707 S Mathews M/C 178 Urbana, IL 61801(217)

    The Enlightenment in its broad European context, gender and sexuality, colonialism and post-colonialism

  • obrien1-photo
    O'Brien, DavidAssociate ProfessorArt History 143 Art & Design 408 E Peabody Dr M/C 590 Champaign, IL 61820(217)

    Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century French art, particularly the art and politics of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic periods.

  • mpr-photo
    Rothberg, MichaelEnglish 208 English Bldg 608 S Wright M/C 718 Urbana, IL 61801(217)

    Focus on Critical Theory; Comparative Twentieth-Century Literatures; Holocaust Studies, Diasporas and Globalization; Theories of Trauma, Memory, and Justice.

  • Szylowicz, CarolineAssociate ProfessorLiterature and Languages Library 225 Main Library 1408 W Gregory Dr M/C 522 Urbana, IL 61801(217)

    Proust's correspondence and manuscripts, collection development in fin-de-siècle erotic and popular literature.

Emeritus Faculty

In Memoriam